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In 2 days my core membership is expiring. A year ago I would have probably paid the money for the upgrade but these days I'm not sure if it's worth it. DA just isn't what it used to be and although they've made improvements it's still feeling like a bit of a relic to me. 

Anyone else feeling this way? Should I renew? Curious to hear your thoughts. 
I'm doing another round of Chibi Sketch commissions. I have 5 more spots available so grab them fast! 

Commission - Gambit by DerekLaufman

Price $50US for 8" x 10" Ink and Marker render 

Email me to secure a spot

NOTE: I'm only doing existing characters (Marvel, DC etc..) NO ORIGINAL characters please. 
I have 6 days to decide whether or not to extend my premium membership. There is no doubt that DA is on the decline and I'm sure you've all felt it in one way or another. I was really hoping that DA was going to make better strides in improving the site and how it integrates into other social platforms. It just hasn't evolved enough IMO. My art gets way more exposure on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

I'm on the fence. 

Maybe I could trade someone a 1-2 year membership for a quick commission? That's always an idea. 

I dunno.
Hey gang! 

I'm excited to unveil the launch of DEREKLAUFMAN.COM

I've finally created a central hub for all of my social networks where I post art around the web. It's a one stop shop! And speaking of shops..

I've created a STORE!!! On my new site I am selling prints and they will be on SALE for 1 week at 25% OFF! Go and check it out!! 

Please tell your friends and help me spread the word! 

I'm so humbled and honoured to be featured yesterday on for my Inktober work.

Kotaku Article

It's one of my favourite sites so you can imagine my shock to see my work featured there:)
Who else is loving #inktober?! 

I must say, I didn't know how much I missed drawing by hand again. It's been a lot of fun coming up with new ideas to sketch and just letting myself have fun with it. I also got a kick stepping into an art store again to buy supplies for the first time in years. Being digital is great but I'm happy to be back on paper now. 

You can see all the latest Inktober stuff on my  Tumblr  and as well as my Instagram and twitter accounts. So make sure to follow me those. Whatever your preference is!

Here are the first 6 Days!

Inktober Day 01 by DerekLaufman

Inktober: Day 02 by DerekLaufman

Inktober: Day 03 by DerekLaufman

Inktober Day 04 by DerekLaufman

Inktober Day 05 by DerekLaufman

Inktober Day 06 by DerekLaufman
Hey everyone! 

I'm excited to announce that I will be participating in Jake Parker's Inktober!  It's open to everyone and I encourage you all to check it out and even to participate yourselves. If you are like me and rarely draw traditionally any more, this may be the even for you! 

I will be posting my work for the month on my Tumblr as well as my twitter account. So make sure to follow me there!

Here is a warmup from yesterday. 

Inktober warm ups by DerekLaufman

Here is a link to INKTOBER
I think I've finally realized that most of you have abandoned Deviant Art. The quality of art has really diminished and I don't see many new posts from my favourite artists any more. Whenever I post my art lately it gets really low views and favs. This might be the end of Deviant. I think once my membership runs out I'll pack up shop and move on. 

It was a good run but I guess the site just didn't evolve enough over the years. 

I post most of my stuff on twitter now, so follow me there. DerekLaufman 

So I've been working on a new game for the past 6+ months. The game is called Bullet Age and it's a 2D platformervania RPG coming to PC and probably other consoles in 2015. We finally announced the title of the game last week and I created a Tumblr account for the "Art" of" Bullet Age. I'll be continuing to update this throughout the course of the development and if you are into seeing how some of the art is coming together please check it out!

I'm always looking to create something that makes other people happy, inspires them or just for my own self satisfaction. Usually my outlet has been art and video games. It's where I've built my career how I've managed to put a roof over my head. Over the last year I've had the privilege of playing board games once a week with a group of like minded friends. It's really opened my eyes to a world of gaming that I didn't know much about. I dabbled in Magic Cards eons ago when it first came out and I would occasionally played a game like Settlers of Catan or Carsanonne but on the whole I didn't know much about the world of table top gaming. I have to say I really like it. 

So as many things I'm passionate about it sparked my creative juices. Many game ideas started sprouting in my brain almost right away but none of them really motivated me to sit down and actually design it. A few weeks ago that changed when I was up late working one night. Just as I was ready to call it a day and go off to bed I had this idea for a dice game pop into my head. It was a simple idea at it's core and the game clicked right away in my head. It got me excited and instead of going to bed, I stayed up and put the idea to paper. Now that it seemed to work on paper, I was eager to test it out. I ordered blank dice and made a mockup of the game. Testing with my wife helped me make some crucial adjustments to the game and although it wasn't intended for a 2 player experience it proved useful to work out some of the kinks. Finally I got together with my weekly group of board game friends and we play tested the game. I was so happy to find that it worked and not only that, my friends actually enjoyed it and so did I. Luckily for me, my friends are in the gaming industry and aren't willing to blow smoke up my ass just for the sake of my feelings. I respect honest feedback and being in the video game industry I've come to know how important it can be. A few suggestions were made but on the whole the game; as simple as it was; proved to be successful. 

So now I'm ready for the next phase. Make this game! I've already started gathering quotes for manufacturing costs and I'm almost certain that I will take this idea to Kickstarter. It's worth a shot, right? As anyone who loves to create things, they want as many people as possible to enjoy the things they create. I think Kickstarter is the best place to start for a project like this. 

If some of you are into table top and dice games I hope you check it out when the time comes. The biggest challenge I see in front of me is getting the word out. I know how to promote video games and get them into the marketplace but table top gaming is a whole other world. Hopefully it doesn't prove to be so hard that I can't still get this project off the ground.   

Thanks for reading!

PS:I plan to post the game rules and show people how to make their own mock set to play the game. Be nice to get some additional feedback from gamers. 

I'm really glad I was able to free up my schedule enough to be able to contribute to this incredible project. I'm honoured to be featured along such an amazing group of talent, from new emerging artists to the ones that inspired me from an early age. This is something that will teach and inspire future artists for years to come. 

Make sure you check it out and pre-order a copy today!
I have a tumblr. Follow it or don't follow it. But probably follow it.

I had the pleasure of inking a brand new Superman digital coming with pencils and colors by the amazing :iconcheeks-74: !!

It comes out tomorrow the 11th of November which so happens to be my birthday! 

I was just checking out Deviant's Commissions breakdown. They take 20% if you use them? That's insane! What are they doing to earn that 20%? A little marketing and giving you a forum? That's more than most agents would charge to actually FIND you work. 

I feel like they are taking advantage of gullible young artists.  That's just my opinion.
Just wanted to say that I haven't forgotten about you deviants!! I've been working 16hrs days for a while now and I can't seem to find any time to sit down and draw some personal stuff:(

I work a steady freelance gig. I'm also working tirelessly on a new game for Halfbot! I will for sure post some of that in about a month.

I'm also inking an amazing book for DC Comics, which is pretty much my 10 yr old dream coming true! So that's rad:)

On top of all that being the dad of a toddler is time consuming stuff!! So life may be insanely busy but I'm doing the stuff I love to do and that's what it's all about!

Hope you all are happy and well! 


PS: Here is a concept I did a few months ago that I can show ya!

UPDATE: 50K reached! You guys rock!

Here's the pinup I promised.

It's hard for me to beleive that I have almost 50K page views. Deviant Art has been such an amazing outlet for showcasing my art. It's landed me many jobs and opened my eyes to so many talented people. 

As soon as I hit that 50K mark I'll post a little bonus pinup I did the other day in preparation. 

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Hey facebook lovers, I now have a Facebook fan page. Go give it a like! If you like me:) The Art of Derek Laufman  I also started a Tumblr if you are into that kinda thing. My Tumblr

Also if you haven't backed Cheek's :iconcheeks-74: new Kickstarter for the :icontable-taffy-studios: newest comic Gumshoes 4 Hire, then go do that now!!! Gumshoes 4 Hire Kickstarter!

That's it! Love you guys!
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WOW, big thanks DeviantArt and :iconjcroxas: for featuring my art on a Daily Deviation! That was a nice surprise to wake up to!

Thanks to everyone who has added my work to their favourites and added me to their watch list!

I really do appreciate it!
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This journal post was inspired by :iconjavas: when he sent out a post asking what people were doing. So I thought why not update everyone?

The awesome book I worked on with the mega talented :iconcheeks-74: and :icontable-taffy-studios: called World of Warcraft: Pearls of Pandara just came out a week ago!! Make sure you pick this book up!!…

Just finished working on an animated David and Goliath comic with :iconcheeks-74: and :icontable-taffy-studios: and starting to draw a new comic for them called Little Big Heads, which we will be testing out the whole Kickstarter thing with. So pumped about that!

Also my game company Halfbot is working on a brand new game which hasn't been announced yet.

Oh and I am freelancing steadily with Emerald City Games based out of Vancouver.

One last thing, I moved into a new house last week.

That's life in a nutshell!
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I work entirely from home which I am incredibly grateful for. Freelancing from a home office with a new baby is a true blessing. I currently work out of my basement with my desk setup overlooking my big screen TV and working on my Cintiq 24HD. It's a pretty wicked setup. However I'm moving in a week and in the new house I will have my own dedicated office. This is going to be key as my son starts to become more mobile and aware, so being able to close a door and get down to business will be a great asset. All that said, I work really LONG hours. About 12-14 a day. Sitting in an office chair and being isolated from my family for that long is just too much to bare. So in my thinking I have been desperately seeking a portable cintiq solution. Unfortunately Wacom has yet to create a wireless cintiq that I can work off my lap from the couch. Having this would solve the problem of being trapped in an office all day. I went out and purchased an Asus Eee Slate, I did a lot of research and found it ran photoshop well, complete with a built in Wacom digitizer. I've been using it for about a week now and it's not cutting it. Unless I work at 200% I can't get a straight line with it, otherwise it looks like someone is drawing with an incredibly shaky hand. It lags a bit and drawing a full circle without jags is impossible. I'm returning it tomorrow.

So my next plan is to just get the Cintiq 12wx and try and run it off my old laptop. It's not ideal by any means but being able to do finished work on the couch is essential for me moving into the new place.

I'm crossing my fingers for Wacom to create a true portable Cintiq soon or partner up with a tablet maker to create the ultimate artist machine but until then the 12wx will have to do.
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  • Reading: children's books to my newborn
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  • Playing: Super Crate Box iOS
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