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Chibi Gwenpool by DerekLaufman Chibi Gwenpool by DerekLaufman
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simply adorable
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do sell your artwork ??
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buying your Jobs Can I use in the shirts as had asked before ??

I'm from Brazil and we have this kind of work here
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That's so cute and soooo amazing! :D
Nice job there! 
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Is she a canon Marvel character ?
Slime-Series Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016
Back in 2014 a limited series comic came out that had 5 issues in it's planned run. The series was called "Edge of the Spider-Verse". It was a series that told a quick tale of a Spider hero in the Multiverse. In that series tales of: Spider-Man Noir, a Evil Spider-man, and a Gundam robot fighting Spider-Man/girl to name a few was featured. However the best selling and most popular Spider hero that debut in Edge of the Spider-Verse #2 was Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman of Earth-65.

That one shot tale sold so well it has had over 7 reprintings but most of all the fan love and tons of cosplayers went as her to the comic conventions where the MArvel creators saw first hand the fan love. Nickname by the fans on forums as "Spider-Gwen" her fans and the well made design, world, and tale help win over Marvel to decided to give her an on-going series and see how well it will sell. Using the fan nickname the title of Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman's of Earth-65 comic series was called "Spider-Gwen".

Spider-Gwen premiered and she was a smashing hit.

Now every month Marvel has this Variant covers theme that it runs. For example one month buyers had the option to buy Variant covers of the character enjoying events in NYC, another was Howard the Duck trapped in famous works of art, recently we also had an Age of Apocalypse Variant theme where each of the Marvel characters was a horseman of Apocalypse and now the recent month theme is "Death of X". These covers are made for fun and for the fun artwork much like seeing various artist here on this site picking a theme and having fun with it.

Well to celebrate Spider-Gwen's success and love Marvel pick for it's June 2015 variant covers theme AU Gwen's as various superheroes or supervillains. They send out a message to their artists and found many jump on for the fun of it and they got 20 covers of that theme made. Here is a link to those covers artworks and what comics they were placed on:…

Now I personally love the theme and some Gwens intrigued me a bit to what their tales could be for fun (particularly Gwen Hulk found on Future Imperfect #1 by Nick Bradshaw, Doctor Gwenage, Thor Gwen, and a few others). Well that variant covers sold very well but the best selling of the bunch and sold out the fastest was the Gwen-Pool variant cover found on the comic Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2 by Chris Bachalo. Not just that but again many people went to cosplays costumed as her so once again MArvel creators was seeing fan love in front of them with igh selling numbers.

One writer had an idea sparked from it all and decided to pitch it to Marvel who was further won over.

First thing to note is that she was born from a variant theme cover however the writer decided that this Gwen was NOT Gwen Stacy of an alternate Earth. She was "Gwen Poole" and she came from OUR Earth. However it's no denying she has the slight appearance of that of a Gwen Stacy and thus could be consider a anagram.

The tale thus far with her is that she was a comicbook fanatic from our world and somehow she now is in the 616 Earth (aka the Marvel Universe earth that takes place on the Earth where many reader find there character's tales takes place in). How she got there has remained a mystery and Gwen doesn't wish to share it. She hopes that she has her own comic but is not sure but in that hope will talk and think in terms of that people might be reading her own comic or that she is apart of someone else's series where readers can find her. Thus she not really speaking directly to readers but hope that she is as it's her only way to comminuted back to our Earth about the stuff she is going though. So far piecing together the character's history and mystery per issue. In issue three Doctor Strange mentioned that her transport was very traumatic. Plus her past might have tragedy and sadness as when the few times referring to her original world and past she would look unhappy and feels it is better that she doesn't return home and that people just forget her. When Howard the Duck questioned how she got to the 616 Earth she avoided answering him.

Now to test the waters on this character being setup MArvel decided to have her first appear in the 616 world tales in the series Howard the duck as a mini tale for three issues. Those issues sold well and the writer had further ideas for her. Later on she was one of four short tales in the Christmas special they released and her tale was positively reviewed plus the artist work made her tale in that four part comicbook became to de facto artist for her. With now a writer and a perfect artist team ready to present their Gwenpool Marvel put up the green flag for her own series and the writer decided to name the series "The Unbelievable GwenPool".

In the series Gwen Poole believes she's in a fictional universe thus anything she does won't have consequences. She also doesn't have any connections, friends, a bank account, or a SSN as she didn't come from that universe so she is forced to take jobs that are off the books such as some mercenary jobs. Knowing she in a comicbook world she tries to rely on comic tropes to help her along. Believing she knows how things operate due to her love of comics she first just has fun... then things go wrong and painful for her.

When she got to the 616 Earth she knew that unless you have a costume you are a "extra" and nobody gives a darn about "extras". So she entered a costumed shop to get one. Mentioning her name "Gwen Poole" the owner Ronnie (who is apart of Gwen Poole's supporting cast) thought she might be related to Deadpool due to her last name and made a outfit for her in that style that mixed her personality and pink highlighted hair into the costume. Gwen Poole told Ronnie she had no connections to him but took the costume anyway.

Afterwards she went out to be a hero with guns ablazing. However she has no shooting or fighting skills she she found herself having to use her knowledge, wit, words, and fighting dirty and using bombs to help her.  She receiving expert training to become a better fighter and gunswoman from the Leaper so she slowly becoming a better fighter and was able to hold her own against MODOK thanks to the training and preplaning.

Gwenpool has no powers at all other than the knowledge of what major comicbook fanatics know. This actually makes her dangerous for many heroes who has a secret identity as she knows. Thor threatened her life when she accidentally called her "Jane".

While she first thought everything was fictional and that she knew the score the Earth is fighting back against her and the consequences has been piling up and hitting her already. Her series is not totally a comedy series but instead a dramedy. The same goes for the character who much deeper made then I figured she would be when I first saw and heard about her.

I had very low expectations about her series but giving her a fair shot of 2 issues I was pleasantly shocked on how much better the series and character has been and how well the writer and artist has put work and thought into her.

Unfortunately her series own sales hasn't been very great as many look at her covers ands scoff and walk away knowing nothing about her but assuming they think they do. So while i found myself loving her series I do believe she won't last long. However with things such as Marvel Unlimited subscription app that works alot like Netflix but for comics when her series does become available to readers for free on that app she possibly might gain a cult fanbase (as people don't want to take a gamble with their money for her series might might look into her series if given for free after paying a subscription fee already). The character Squirrel Girl herself started purely as a joke character in a 90's iron man book but due to fan love and many writers using her in different books and being well made she gained her own series and that has sold very well earning more fans and talks of possible MCU. The same might apply for her first starting at a low point but if used well though many books and a growing fanbase that gets to know her in time then come the future it might serve her better.

Hope this helps as I find one of her biggest cons that hurts her and many good characters and books is the lack of knowledge and the dangerous power of negative assumptions.
NieEngel Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2016
Thanks for taking the time to inform people^^
This was very interesting!
Dieultimatetroll Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks :D
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what a cute little nut
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